why choose power dry?

     Silica gel desiccant, or Resembles a pellet Generally causes a porous substrate used in the absorption of moisture and dust in the air, some of the types of dangerous goods have a lot many times compared to the volume. In the market, so there are two types, that is,


 - Silica gel type A
 - Silica gel type B






        Silica gel is A type of silica gel on the market that has the ability to suck the moisture in the air into itself, but after sucking the moisture in until it is full. Silica gels of this type will expire and cannot be re-used.


        Silica gel type B has a special ability that matters is able to evolve back to outside humidity and moisture absorption saturation, then. We can remove the silica type B this process heat or sunlight are able to come back to new again. It also has the ability to absorb vapours inhibit and eliminate fungus and bacteria. The lifetime of the silica gel type B so long as 8-10 years of experiment in the country, Japan. Silica gel type B, so the best value in the long term.



กราฟเปรียบเทียบ ซิลิก้า ชนิด A และ B





Notable features of the 4 products.


คุณสมบัติ 4 ประการของสารดูดความชื้น



Moisture absorption and absorb odor products, all of our use of silica gel type B which all product features as follows.

Can control the moisture level effectively.

Can get rid of the smell of relief. Unpleasant odor).

Can inhibit and prevent the accumulation of fungi and bacteria.

Can eliminate and prevent germs by infrared radiation.

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