Type of COTTON / TC / TK

Type of clothes

Characteristics of fabrics. In General, there are a variety of fabrics.
But we recommend on the part of the cloth that most people use, which has 3.


It is appropriate to select a use.





Cotton fabric (cotton)

What are the different types of jacket made popular the price is quite high. Treasure the common is cotton.
Breathable, comfortable wear.
Sweat has excellent fabric to resemble the side but there are disadvantages.
Is it easy to be wrinkled? When washed frequently, it will only be to skew.

Cotton blend fabric fiber rods kho or commonly known as the T/C or TC fabrics.

A fabric with a blend of cotton and synthetic fiber, meat came mixed.
It will also feature in the Middle, between the cotton cloth.
This popular type of fabric and cloth weaving, TK, a.
Because the fabric type TK and TC have treasures in the ventilation is not good. Weaving.
So popular, weaving, with small holes to provide ventilation and wearing comfort of textiles.

It looks like the (less TK).

The fiber cloth sang kho, or commonly known as fabric T/K or TK.

A fabric made of synthetic fibres. The fabric will look it.
The common feature is that TK is not wrinkled fabric hair not to skew the color does not fall.
But the disadvantage is the coat made from the cloth of the TK is hot.
Because the ventilation is not good, the fabric is woven, TK is the hole as well.
Durable, and sold on the market.



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